Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is low-impact exercise with elements of lying down and standing up, with all exercises involving core activation. While it can be a whole-body exercise it can also be used to isolate certain muscles to ensure proper activation. Clinical Pilates also helps nerves track properly, which makes the muscles activate and move the skeleton efficiently.



Hydrotherapy is low-impact exercise that helps the joints move through their range of motion to perform their correct function and build strength and endurance. We will meet you at your local pool and go through a low weight-bearing program designed to help the muscles move through their correct range of motion, taking the load off the joints.


Injury rehabilitation

If you have pain or a diagnosed injury, Get Moving Exercise Physiology can help improve function, range of motion and strength on the injured area. We can also help you find the source of pain and develop exercises to improve the activation of the muscles and make sure they are switching on in the right order.

Pre- and post-surgery

Get Moving Exercise Physiology will help you strengthen and increase movement prior to surgery and help you return to normal function as fast as possible by increasing your strength and range of motion. 


Diabetes management

We run Type 2 Diabetes group sessions regularly throughout the year. To attend, you just need a Type 2 Group referral from your GP. All sessions are bulk billed with no out-of-pocket expenses. Contact us today to find out about our next session.


Chronic disease management

We will you provide you with a range of specific exercises that are designed to build strength and endurance, improve balance and to help reduce high blood pressure to help manage chronic disease symptoms such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, COPD, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Exercise prescription and programming

We provide a tailored program to suit each client’s injuries, conditions or disease. We run small group sessions where each individual will be working towards their own goals with access to one-on-one help and advice from our qualified Exercise Physiologists.

Lifestyle modification and weight loss

Exercising isn’t just about weight-loss, it’s about being the healthiest you. Starting an exercise plan and routine will help improve concentration, mood and productivity, while improving your health both physically and mentally. We will help you develop a tailored exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. Allowing this time for you means you will be better equipped to look after your family and friends.

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